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Fun and Games Page

This page is for fun. These are games I have come across that are pretty fun but not always easy to play. The exe. files will open and just click on run to open the game. Press F1 for instructions. The zip files you'll have to unzip then run to open the games. Have fun and let me know what you think,or have a game I can add to this page.


Fun reaction time game      

Beer Truck                                beertruckv1.1.exe            

Astrobeer                                  astrobeer.exe

Yeastman                                    Yeastman.exe


Billiards - Play with the practice part of this game.

It's made to play online. You can watch other players

online once you download the game.         billiard.exe


These are URL's and you'll be taken to the site to play.

Home Run Derby            

3D Bowling                                

Mini Golf                      



Christmas Fun

Elf Shuffle Board                  elves2.exe

Elf Bowling                            elfbowl.exe

Happy Holidays                     happy_chrismahanukwanzakah.exe

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