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Our Most Recent Adventures

   This page will now house our recent videos. Just click on the video link you want to watch, and it will open up in whatever media player you normally use. Be patient and give the video a chance to load. Even on a fast computer this could take a minute or two. Enjoy the show and e-mail me if there's a problem. Oh yea, and sign the guest book! Thanks. One more thing. If you're veiwing my site with Mozilla or Fire Fox some things may not work.!!!!!!!!! If you're veiwing videos you have to pause my music I have playing. The control for this is on the very bottom of the page, it's a small box but it's there.!!!!!!! 

     I recently started experimenting with a new video site. It will hold m ost of my video projects. If you're on a dial up connection forget it!!! Click on the link below and give it a try,you might find something fun. Also let me know if you can't access the site. Enjoy.

 Video Link For Photodex Site.>

Well, started experimenting with yet another video site. Feel free to check it out> Click on members>search stulin Enjoy!

I recently started using exe. files for video shows. When you click on the file you can either save it to your pc, or run it from it's current location. Either way it takes  a minute or two to load,but uses it's own media player. Normally an exe.file would be unsafe, but not when you know where it came from, so don't be afraid to run it. Any questions or problems you can always e-mail me. If your pc tends to be slow then click on the photodex link. This may take a little time to completly load but, once it does you can access the videos much faster.    




A short vdeo of the bar            Our Bar.exe                                                                 

A Yale Pictorial 2004             Yale University 04.exe 

A Yale Pictorial 2004             yalepictorial.wmv   (with some narration)                          













Have A Great Day !!! And Don't Forget To Sign The Guest Book.